Aglie/Quick/Expert Incident response

Q1. How does Codesnag team provide Quick Incident Response?

After a security breach, cyber-attack, or any IT, computer or security incident, the situation requires to be addressed and managed. If incident responses are not properly handled, the security breach can escalate and therefore, the system might collapse. Our team with our AI powered engine looks after incident response activities and can physically assess the situation when needed. We thus help you minimize organizational losses and reduce risks for further incidents.

Q 2. What is VAPT?

It is very important to test any computer, network or application to understand the vulnerabilities that the system is prone to in order to prevent it from the attackers. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is the official testing of the system where all the details are analyzed which include network, computer, and communication infrastructure to find the loopholes to be removed. This prevents malicious activities like financial damage or security breach that can happen through the online portal, thus securing the online presence of the enterprise.

Q3. What kind of assistance can I expect from Codesnag’s team if I’m unable to figure out my requirements?

Our Codesnag’s team is just a call away to help you with all your needs. We understand that as humans, it is not possible for you to know everything so we are here to assist you with your security. From figuring out your requirements to fulfilling them, Codesnag is the safest home for you and your enterprise’s security. All you need to do is, fill our form as per your understanding and our team will get back to you.

Q4. Are hackers dangerous?

Hackers are those curious minds and skilled individuals who are ready to go beyond their limits and take up challenges. They keep the internet a safe space by leveraging their expertise in the field of cyber security. Many law enforcement agencies and governmental bodies take help of hackers to keep the digital world safe. Overall, cybercriminals are bad but hackers are some really cool computer wizards.

Q5. How much will Codesnag’s services cost me?

We understand the value of money and time so we work on the model of ‘Pay for what you get.’ Security needs differ in every organization and so does our scale and variety of services.So, the Costing structure is pretty much flexible to accommodate every organization/individual who comes to us. Our team will assist you while crafting a perfect scope for your work according to your infrastructure’s need and complexity.

Q6. What is the next step after submitting my security need?

Once your query reaches us, our representative will evaluate it and will get back to you with a proposal. The proposal will include the services you have asked for, services we think you/your organization need and costing for both the options of the proposal. This will give you a greater insight into the security needs and will ensure that we are flexible enough to take care of all your needs.

Q7. What will happen after we register to be a part of the Codesnag’s Hacker team?

Codesnag is home to each and every hacker who is willing to secure the cyberspace by their expertise and not by any automated tools and scripts. However, to be a part of our family we cross check various attributes from one’s profile and once you register you need to complete few tasks first to claim your spot, after which you become the part of our family and we grow together with each other.

Q8. Is my It-infrastructure secure in the hands of codesnag while external hackers perform various activities on it ?

Hackers at codesnag are verified and works together like a team and adheres to trust over money policy. Alongside with such strict discipline, we also provide our clients with a specialized codesnag virtual access point where we ensure full privacy for you and your organization and at the same time we engage a human endpoint to look after your projects.