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Img Devsecops :Development with full-fledged security

We have a DevSecOps approach (Development+Security+ Operations) which merges the old and the new technology to serve you the best. This way, the beta version itself of the product is highly secured thus paving way to a highly secured development of the enterprise's system. Our development team thus working together with hackers reduce the overall cost of the business in the long run.
This was nearly impossible to provide in the old architecture. Hence, we identify the threat vulnerability sooner and the security team can work faster.Many a times, the basic structure of an enterprise's. Development with full-fledged security.

  ImgIncident Response: Immediate solution to an emergency

Your security is our first priority. We provide immediate response to any sudden security breach without postponing it. Our team of hackers provides an organized and powerful response in the time of need. We thus minimize losses, vulnerabilities, and restore services for you to keep you your business going. You can rely on us for proper action anytime, anywhere.

  Img All Round Security: Your security. Our responsibility.

Business world is indeed huge and so are its needs, so protecting it is the need of the hour. We provide ultimate security to all your applications and networks from the very initial level. We do not leave any stone unturned on our way to give you full-fledged security day in and out. We, with our team of intelligent hackers, strive to provide you an all-inclusive security solution, so that both, you and your users, have a happy and secured experience.

  ImgPublic/private security Programs: We manage everything public/private

This might go as that we post your applications to our trusted team of hackers to better assess your loopholes or snags .. however our protected access points from where our hacker partners access your infra are welk guided by our team, also we guide your costing for the ongoing security needs by giving optimum value or payout per bug.. thus managing your program at every step.

  ImgArtificial Intelligence powered Threat Detection: Codesnag's shield to guard you  

Whatever time of the day or night it is, once you are behind the Codesnag's shield, backed by our world-class hackers, you need not worry a bit about your security. Artificial Intelligence powered threat detection has got you, your users, and your IT infrastructure all covered. It provides 24-hour surveillance to your enterprise and prevents any security breach.

  ImgDynamic Vulnerable Assessment & Penetration Testing: Enterprise’s vigorous risk evaluation Our comprehensive programs are designed to do a thorough assessment of vulnerabilities to know the possibility of any malicious activity on your business. The hacker team then exploits the vulnerabilities to determine the impact on the system thus enhancing the security to provide a better protection against any possible breach. Our VAPT covers your entire infrastructure including physical system, cloud, API and everything that your business makes use of because we believe in all round security.